1 - Jacket - Car Boot
2 - Vintage Tee - eBay
3 - Jeans - Gift from Lucie
4 - Boots - Topshop
5 - Bag - H&M

So how amazing is this jacket?!  And even better, it was £2! Best buy ever!  I have had a lovely weekend with my Mum visiting my Grandparents and having tea and cake in Chorlton.  I was so sad when she left, i wish she lived nearer.  But Lucie and me are off to France this Friday to source some new vintage stuff for ETTE.  Can't wait.  I just hope the weather is nice and warm.  Or at least warmer than it is here, although i shouldn't complain because the weather today has been gorgeous.  Also, on Friday i had a crazy idea to cut my hair so i have a rather makeshift fringey thing going on now which is alright but takes alot more maintenance. 



1 - Hat - Topshop
2 - Jacket - Primark
3 - Top - Forever 21
4 - Pants - Forever 21

It's been a long, long week and i have been ill for pretty much the whole of it :(  I have to overcome my fear of needles as i need to have blood taken next week and i'm dreading it.  But i'm making Lucie come with me so i have a shoulder to cry on.  I've been feeling so positive for the summer and me and Lucie have so many ideas for ETTE that are gonna change things up a bit.  I can't wait for you to see what we have in store so watch this space!



1 - Hat - eBay
2 - Jacket - Nasty Gal
3 - Shorts - ETTE (last summer)
4 - Boots - eBay

I haven't had the chance to blog for a while as i have been working part time for a brand in Manchester.  I'm looking after their PR and social media so it is fun but lots of work as i am also the photographer, stylist and lunch runner too.  It's fun being in a creative environment and it is so different from what we do at ETTE so i'm learning alot too.  If your like me then the past couple of days you will have been thinking it's summer.  Us Brits love getting excited over the tiniest bit of sun don't we.  I can't wait for it to warm up and no longer worry about tights and coats. 



1 - Scarf/Turban - Topshop
2 - Jumper - Hand me down from Lucie
3 - Jeans - Hand me down from Lucie
4 - Trainers - Topshop

Today feels like it has been crazy but it hasn't really.  I've just been feeling really hyped up and excited and i think maybe it's my new hurrrrrrrr!  I haven't really done a great dye job and i wanted some yellows and oranges in there but all we had at home was blue, green and pink so that's what i did.  I have also started driving lessons.  I know, i know, i'm 25 and a late starter but i never had the urge to drive till now.  It was my second lesson today and i had so much fun cause i got to drive myself home - oh the novelty!   And for any of you driving round and being nasty to us learners - stop it!



1 - Hat - Zara
2 - Jacket - Primark
3 - Jumper - Charity Shop
4 - Tartan Skirt - Vintage @ ETTE
5 - Boots - Primark

You'll have to excuse the photos and angry faces i'm pulling as it was chucking it down when i took these photos earlier.  Suprisingly, my legs weren't cold at all so i'm ready for more bare legs now - not waiting till summer and can no longer do tights!  Today i got dressed in a rush as me and Lucie were going out on a fabric hunt for ETTE.  We got some great fabric and got some amazing new things coming your way soon so stay tuned or check out our website here.



Recently i was approached by a website called Bangstyle to do an interview with them.  Bangstyle is a great website for finding new hair styles and for hair inspiration in general so if your having a bad hair day then make sure you check them out for ideas.  Anyway, i thought i would share the interview with you on here too as it is a little glimpse into me and my life which some of you may find interesting, if not then don't read it.  Enjoy!

"Grace Avery is our new favorite blogger of the moment with an impeccable bohemian style and an online store that is just as fantastic! Naturally, we were so happy that Grace could take some time away from her blog, I Am Hollywood, and her store, ETTE, to have a chat with us! Learn more about I Am Hollywood and the boho-babe behind the blog in our interview!

BANGSTYLE: We are head-over-heels for your blog, style, and store! Tell us a little about you.
Grace: I’m just an ordinary 25 year old girl. I love fashion. It’s a cliche, but it literally is my life. I graduated a couple of years ago in BA Fashion. I co-own an online store with my best friend, Lucie, and have two cats. I daydream alot, mostly about moving away somewhere different, Los Angeles preferably.

BANGSTYLE: What inspired you to open ETTE?
Grace: I always wanted to be a designer but when I went to Uni I realised that I was more interested in other aspects of the industry. When I met Lucie at Uni we instantly clicked and ended up sharing a house together. One day, out of nowhere, we just decided to start selling vintage and it’s just grown since then. We just realised that we loved vintage but hated all the stuff you find in the average vintage shops in England – all the tea dresses and 20s gear. So, we set out to bring the bohemian, grungy vintage to girls like us who were looking for something different.

bangstyle.com  fashion  Blog of the Moment: I Am Hollywood

BANGSTYLE: How would you describe your stellar personal style?
Grace: My style is always changing. I used to live in band tees, jeans and leather jackets. I still do alot of the time but I mix it up now. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised what suits me and what I feel comfortable in. I tend to wear alot of black which is unintentional but I just find it easy to wear. I guess my style is a mix of boho, 70s punk, grunge and on the odd occasion, minimalist.

BANGSTYLE: Where do you go for style inspiration and who are your style icons?
Grace: I’m a really visual person and love looking through Tumblr for inspiration. I love reading blogs too, my favourite being Jean Greige as she is just a mish mash of everything I love!  But alot of the time i’m influenced by the music I’m listening to. I’m a huge Ramones fan and I’m obsessed by the 70s. Living and working with my best friend means that our style rubs off on each other and I admire the way she puts different things together that i wouldn’t have considered. I find that the outfits I enjoy wearing most are always the ones I have just thrown together and not thought about too much.

bangstyle.com  fashion  Blog of the Moment: I Am Hollywood

BANGSTYLE: What fall/winter fashion trends are you currently loving right now?
Grace: I find fall/winter dressing really difficult for myself, but one of the trends I love at the minute is the whole sports luxe/chic look – I need some leather joggers and snapbacks in my life! Anything extra fluffy or sequinned is a huge plus for me at the minute.  And I admire people who can work the mod look in a modern way. Helena from the blog Bell’s Fashion works this look in such a colourful, fearless and quirky way.  But for myself, in winter, I always seem to revert back to my grungier alter ego.

BANGSTYLE: What is your go-to look for holiday parties?
Grace: I like to wear dresses as I don’t wear them much in day-to-day life. I have a black lace one with bell sleeves that I adore. A pair of boots are a must and I love wearing my velvet ones which have a glittery heel – cause who doesn’t love glitter?! Loads of jewelry draped around my neck, rings on every finger and a loose fishtail braid to finish off the look."



1 - Jacket - Primark
2 - Top - Topshop
3 - Shorts - One Teaspoon @ Nasty Gal
4 - Bag - Nasty Gal
5 - Boots - Primark

Aren't you guys lucky?! Two posts in one day.  I'm being far too productive today.  Joking, i'm currently lying in my bed wrapped in a blanket eating too much chocolate.  I just knew if i didn't post today's outfit today then i would forget about it for ages so here we are.  Wearing quite a bit of Primark today - i'm not a huge fan of it but it has got alot better recently.  I've been looking after my step brothers dog again today and it just makes me want my own dog so badly - their cute little faces and loving eyes!  My ideal dog would be a blue French Bulldog and i would call him Dee Dee like the bassist from the Ramones.