Tuesday, October 14, 2014


1 - Jacket - Forever 21
2 - Top - Boyfriends
3 - Shirt - Flea Market
4 - Jeans - Topshop
5 - Bag - Charity Shop
6 - Boots - Car boot sale

I'm not wearing any makeup today and have really shitty skin at the minute so that's why i'm trying to hide.  It's my birthday tomorrow.  I'm turning 26 but i still look like i could be in high school.  I really don't like the fact i'm getting nearer to 30.  And now i will have to tick the box that says 25+ and that makes me feel old.

Friday, October 10, 2014


1 - Coat - Topshop via eBay
2 - Top - Vintage
3 - Jeans - Topshop
5 - Boots - Car boot sale
6 - Bag - Charity shop
7 - Sunglasses - Forever 21

Can we just take a minute to appreciate my new jacket.  I won it on eBay for a grand total of £1.70!  I love a good bargain and this is perfect for chilly days and is so worn in and fluffy.  It's got that proper old school rocker vibe.  Also, these boots are my new faves.  Chunky, heeled and disgustingly nineties - i cannot stop wearing them!

So you may have noticed (or not) that i've been MIA for a few weeks.  Me and Lucie have just moved house and into a new studio so we are just about getting back to normal everyday life.  We've also been busy launching the new ETTE HOME collection of vintage bits to make your home magical.  Make sure you check it out as things are selling out fast!

Saturday, September 06, 2014


1 - Jumper - H&M
2 - Jeans - Somedays Lovin' via Radical Yard
3 - Boots - Topshop
4 - Bag - Nasty Gal
5 - Rings - Evil Twin, Vintage, H&M

Excuse the dodgy photos, my dad isn't trained in the art of blog photos.  I bought this jumper recently as i have no jumpers and need something cosy to keep me toasty now that the weather has turned colder.  Teamed with my slouchy ripped jeans and ankle boots, this outfit is all about the laidback, weekend style.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


1 - Hat - Forever 21
2 - Scarf - Car boot sale
3 - Jacket - Primark
4 - Jeans - Hand me down from Lucie
5 - Boots - Car boot sale
6 - Jewellery - Vintage, H&M, Evil Twin

Another warm outfit for a chilly day.  You really wouldn't believe it's August going by my recent wardrobe choices.  I'm just glad i bought this super big scarf from the car boot on Sunday to keep me cosy.  Plus, it's paisley so i'm loving it.  I always find it difficult to dress myself in the colder months as i get cold so easily but hate all the layering and covering up - i'm definitely more of a summer girl!  So i tend to wear pretty boring outfits, like today, and add accessories to make an outfit feel more "me".  So you can anticipate many more varieties of the 'jeans and a tee' outfit posts from now on.

Monday, August 25, 2014


1 - Jacket - Car boot sale
2 - Bag - Nasty Gal
3 - Shirt - Flea market
4 - Jeans - Hand me down from Lucie
5 - Boots - Car boot sale

I got this jacket yesterday for a bargain £4 and after putting it on today i have decided it is now going to be referred to as my 'Margot' jacket.  I'm talking, of course, about the character from The Royal Tenenbaums.  And with a cigarette in my hand all i need to complete the look is some black racoon lined eyes.  I must admit that this awful weather has been getting me down so maybe that's why i am feeling quite empathetic towards Margot.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Collective Haul

A huge collective haul of things purchased in the past month.  Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more videos.  And if you like what you see then subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date with my videos.  All item links can be found in the video description on YouTube.

Friday, August 08, 2014

France Photo Diary

Just before i went away i got a new camera from my mum for my birthday (which isn't actually till october so it's an early one).  It's just a small, digital camera by Samsung but i'm impressed with all the functions it has and got carried away using the built in fish eye lens.  I'm missing the pool already.